With the largest library of patterns, colors and combinations available, Coverking’s Designer Print Series Seat Covers offer endless possibilities for customizing any vehicle interior with premium protection capability. The Designer Print Series allows vehicle owners to get creative with various combinations of animal and lattice prints, scaled or watercolor chevron prints, hound's-tooth, weave patterns, carbon-fiber and diamond-plate prints, as well as tapestry designs using geometric, organic, and floral patterns. With an ever increasing color palate and designs, vehicle owners can create unique seat covers that match their individual lifestyles, reflect the hottest trends, or simply allows them to make a statement with their vehicle’s interior.

Manufactured from Neosupreme, a soft, lightweight, water-resistant fabric, Coverking’s Designer Print Seat Covers protect the vehicle’s upholstery from UV rays, accidental spills, and abrasions. The company’s 3D scanning methods, ensure a custom fit that is manufactured to the exact specifications of the vehicle’s seats and include large seat-back storage pockets.

All Coverking seat covers are compatible with factory seat air-bags, and come with an installation kit that includes an installation tool, safety glasses, protective gloves, and anti-slip inserts. Depending on the application, Coverking seat covers also come with headrest and armrest covers, and are simple to install using the highest quality zippers and straps available. For more information on Coverking seat covers or any of the company's line of vehicle protection products and accessories, visit www.coverking.com.