Coverking worked with Corvette owner and 20-year Vietnam Veteran Clair Steiner, to aid in the customization of a Corvette dedicated to military families and Veterans. This is the second Corvette the retired Navy paratrooper has built to honor Veterans, and planned to take the Corvette to the Michelin National Corvette Museum Bash in Bowling Green, Kentucky, this past April. “I asked Coverking to see if they could make a special set of seat covers that would be similar to my old ones, and so I e-mailed photos,” said Steiner. “Two days later, Coverking acknowledged the company would create a set for the vehicle.”


Steiner and his red, white, and blue Corvette made it to the NCM Bash without knowing if the seat covers would make it in time for the event. “The covers were sent overnight to my hotel at Coverking’s own expense so I could have them for the show,” said Steiner. The Coverking Neosupreme seat covers that were custom made for Steiner’s vehicle featured red back and side bolsters, with blue center inserts and a white headrest with the same American flag chevron Steiner had painted on the vehicle’s hood. “I was so excited when I took them out of the box,” said Steiner. “We put them on the Corvette’s seats without any problems. I was amazed at how beautiful and patriotic they were. Even other Corvette owners at the event began asking about the seat covers and wanted to get a set for their vehicle’s too.”

“We were very happy and honored to work with Mr. Steiner and help support his method of honoring Veterans, by showcasing his beautiful Corvette at various shows across the country,” said Alfredo Romero, Coverking’s Plant Manager. “We took the design of the car’s exterior to creatively tie together the vehicle with a similar color scheme that we think helps make the vehicle stand out even more.” Thanks to Steiner and his efforts, the Corvette will continue to be displayed at various car shows across the country. “I go to about 40 car shows every year and I let Veterans sign the car to showcase their contribution into keeping our country free and safe,” said Steiner. “When Veterans see my car dedicated to them, and are able to sign their name, branch of service, and years served on a Corvette, it means so much to them.” For more information on Coverking seat covers and the company’s complete line of vehicle accessories, visit