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Many truck owners drive their vehicles to work and use them on the job-site, which leads to vehicles getting pretty dirty on the outside, as well as on the inside. Entering and exiting the vehicle with dirty jeans, or accidental spills from a quick morning cup of coffee, can quickly ruin the seats and upholstery. This is one of the reasons why work-truck owners and fleets often equip their vehicles with aftermarket seat covers.

Manufacturers like Coverking, have been offering a wide selection of American made custom seat covers for decades, that are designed to protect truck interiors from dirt, abrasions, moisture, and the effects of UV rays. The company manufactures a wide variety of seat cover fabrics that offer various levels of protection, but over the years, work-truck owners have requested higher levels of protection for the type of environment their vehicles see every day. High Abrasion Resistance Working in construction areas and job sites where dirt, metal shavings, glass, and mud can get on clothing, work-truck owners have asked for seat covers that won’t quickly deteriorate from constant use.

Coverking Ballistic Seat CoversCoverking responded with seat covers like its Ballistic line, which are made from heavy-duty 1000 Denier Cordura fabric. This tear and puncture resistant fabric is the same material used on luggage, outdoor equipment and footwear for the military. These seat covers are a great choice for work trucks that experience heavy wear and it also features a water resistant lining for added protection against moisture, mold, and stains. The fabric is also UV treated to resist exposure to the sun, and depending on the application, includes a headrest, armrest and console covers (split bench models) to fully protect the exposed areas of the work truck's interior.

Coverking Rhinohide seat coversTough And Stylish Work-truck owners also wanted a dual-purpose seat cover that offered high abrasion resistance for use on the job site, but also offered a touch of elegance when taking the spouse out for dinner. To suit the needs of these dual-purpose vehicles, Coverking offers its Rhinohide seat covers, that have an extremely high puncture and abrasion resistance, but with the look and soft feel of leather. Coverking’s Rhinohide seat covers are made from PVC with a polyester foam backing that makes them incredibly comfortable. The PVC layer offers incredible puncture and abrasion resistance but with the feel and texture of leather that gives any work-truck with cloth seats, a nice upgrade that’s easy to install. The Rhinohide seat covers are also highly moisture resistant and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Coverking MultiCam Seat CoversMilitary And Camo Styling One of the popular styling factors that work-truck owners wanted to add to their vehicles is the military tactical and camouflage appearance. Coverking offers a wide variety of tactical and camouflage patterns that are available in a high-abrasion resistant 500 Denier Cordura ballistic fabric. The Multicam camo seat covers have the traditional military camouflage pattern that has been popular for many years, while Coverking’s A-Tacs camo features advanced micro-sketch patterns used in military camouflage.

Coverking Kryptek Seat Covers

One of the newest is Coverking’s Kryptek camo that is a three-dimensional camouflage design that mimics various terrain and foliage. Fitment And Easy Installation Coverking’s seat covers for work trucks are available in different colors and come with seat back pockets and function with factory side air-bag systems. Manufactured with 3D imaging software, all Coverking seat covers have a precise fit and are easy to install. For additional information on all of these and other Coverking seat covers, fabrics, styles, or to design a unique seat cover of your own, visit the website at