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Coverking's Custom Vehicle Covers for Tesla were designed with Tesla engineers to meet the needs of these unique vehicles. The custom-tailored covers boast superior protection for your vehicle from dirt, dust, nicks, bumps and scratches while enabling safe charging while protected. Order yours today on Tesla.com via the links below.

new for tesla

Engineered by Tesla

Charging a Tesla’s batteries produces heat that would build up, causing potential damage. Tesla designed integrated mesh elements to allow air to circulate.


Mesh Wheel Vents

Tesla engineers partnered with Coverking to create a cover that allows their customer to both charge and protect simultaneously.

new for tesla

Charging Port Flap

Easy access to the charging port is just one of the special considerations made by Tesla and Coverking engineers.


molded seat covers

Protect your seats without sacrificing your Tesla’s style with Coverking's Molded Seat Covers. Easy to install, these tailored covers feature seamless seating surfaces, waterproof barrier, and thick foam backing, and an unbeatable seat hugging fit.

new for tesla

Spacermesh Material

A unique knit fabric that includes thousands of closely spaced holes with a foam backing offers comfort and protection.


Directional Webbing & Buckles

Purpose built hardware made to hold seat covers in place for the life of the product.

new for tesla

3D Scanned & Thermoformed

Using state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment, Coverking maps the surfaces of the seat to create an exact mold to form the covers.

Available on Coverking.com Soon


molded seat covers

Nothing is more bothersome than floor mats slipping underneath your feet while driving. The main cause is that most floor mats out there are made to a set size without taking into consideration the framework of your vehicle. Our floor mats are different – we take digital scans of your vehicle to create custom-sized floor mats based on your specific year, model and make for the right fit.

new for tesla

None-Slip Backing

A thick rubber backing keeps your floor mats solidly in place under foot.


Custom Fit for Maximum Protection

Protect the factory carpet from damage and wear or upgrade your interior with Custom Floor Mats from Coverking.

new for tesla

Soft & Durable

Coverking offers an incredible amount of carpet styles, colors, binding options and more to compliment your interior.