Custom Tailored Vehicle Covers

  • Many Fabrics & Color Options
  • Fewest Seams Patterns
  • 3D Scan Enabled Form Fit
  • Mirror & Antenna Pocket
  • Elastic at Front & Rear
  • Durable Seams
  • Wax Coated Threads
  • Highly Breathable Fabrics
  • Security Grommets
  • Advanced Patterns

    Each of our covers are made to order and crafted specifically for your vehicle. We use computer-aided designs to build out each cover, making sure we have the exact shape of your vehicle.

  • Fabric performance

    Because Coverking designs it’s own fabrics and has a team of engineers to specify exact material composition and construction, it is able to meet the most stringent material test requirements set out by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

  • Fewest Seams

    We believe that extra seams only increase the chance of leakage and failure. By eliminating seams, our covers have the best all around fit without compromising quality.

  • Customisation

    Personalize your car cover according to your wishes: 8 materials, and for Satin Stretch TM and Stromproof TM, 10 colours, more then 35+ styles are at your disposal.

  • Quality Construction

    All outdoor covers are sewn using double needle and overlapped seams, resulting in a durable, leak resistant seam, which has a backup stitch if the main stitch fails.

Fabrics & Colors